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2004 년 KS Q ISO 9001:2009/ISO 9001:2008
Certificate of Quality Management System / CERMET ASIA LTD.
Patent application  for molding structure “Undercut Injection Molding Device”
No. 10-0817689 / KIPO
2005 년 SQ Certificate : PLM106
Certificate of Quality Assurance / NIFCO KOREA  Co., Ltd
Certified for the Clean Establishment /Ministry of Labor, Safety and Health Agency
2006 년 KS Q ISO 14001:2004/ISO 14001:2004
Certified for Quality Management System/ CERMET ASIA LTD.
Confirmation of business specialized in parts and materials and parts/ Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
2008 년 Confirmation of the business-affiliated institute / No. 20074043
March 6, 2007 / Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association
Confirmation of venture business / Korea Technology Finance Corporation
INNO-BIZ Certificate/ the Small and Medium Business Administration
2009 년 Patent application for molds of manufacturing an aspheric lens
No.10-0914947/ KIPO

2010 년 SQ Certificate : PLM106 – Certificate of
Major Partner changed :NIFCO KOREA Co., Ltd →SL Lighting Co., Ltd
2012 년 SQ Certificate : SPV210 (deposition)
Certificate of Quality Assurance / SL Lighting Co., Ltd
SQ certificate : PL834 (injection)
Certificate of Quality Assurance/  SL Lighting Co., Ltd

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